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Careers in Business: Available Roles with Great Companies - Shared screen with speaker view
Justine Lewicki
Hi I'm Justine I am a 3+1 Accounting Major!
Hue Lan Huynh
Hi, my name is Hue-Lan Huynh. I am a junior at Baruch College majoring in Marketing.
Gordon Kan
Nice to meet everyone, my name is Gordon. I am a finance major!
Nam Thanh
Hi everyone, Im Nathan. I am a senior at Augustana College majoring in Data Analytics and Business
Romeo Abregana
Hello I am RomeoMarketing Major class of 2020From UIC- One of the top 5 most diverse Universities in the country
Matthew Bierman
Hello. Matthew Bierman from WP Carey School of Business - Arizona State University. Majoring in Business Data Analytics. Please feel free to connect on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/mjbierman/
Azumi Homma
Hi I am Azumi. my background was chemical engineering now pursuing MBA
Caroline Clure
Hi! I'm Caroline. I'm a sophomore thinking business admin and go to Austin College
Sophie Kibinian
Hi, my name is Sophie Kibinian. I am a senior Economics student!
Alfonzo Hernandez
Hi everyone! My name is Alfonzo Hernandez and I am a senior at University of Pittsburgh majoring in Finance & Marketing. Glad to be here!
handy pranata
Hello! I’m Handy, a sophomore at De Anza College majoring in Business Administration and Economics. Excited to be here!
Angela Praseuth
Hi I'm Angela, I attend Georgia State University. I'm pursuing a dual degree in Entrepreneurship and Computer Information Systems (Process Innovation) www.linkedin.com/in/apraseuth
Eniola Fowora
Hello! My name is Eniola and I am an MBA candidate at NJIT. Looking forward to connecting with everyone!
Velma Jones
Hello everyone! My name is Velma and I am about to graduate from Cal State LA with an MBA. https://www.linkedin.com/in/velma-jones/
Isaac King
Hi, my name is Isaac King and I am an MBA student at UNM Anderson School of Management. Glad to be hear to learn more about the firms presenting today!
Kush Patel
Hello, I'm Kush a graduate student at Stevens Institute of Technology with major in Business Intelligence and Analytics.
Austin E.
Hello! My name is Austin Enriquez, and I am a MBA student at the Rochester Institute of Technology
Kate Beckman - RippleMatch
Hi everyone! Thanks so much for joining us for the info session Careers in Business: Available Roles with Great Companies, part of RippleMatch’s Fall Career Week! Just a few housekeeping things about this info session:Today we are joined by four of our employer partners: UnitedHealth Group, Guidehouse, AlphaSights, and NielsenIQIf you have questions for these companies, you can submit your questions through the Q&A box (please use the Q&A box rather than this chat function!). Be sure to address questions for specific companies by company names!Please also check in to this event via this link so your attendance is recorded and we can send you appropriate follow up materials: https://ripplematch.com//checkin?checkin_code=b473ccThanks!
Angela Praseuth
Congratulations, Jacque!
Romeo Abregana
👏 Jacque!
Romeo Abregana
thank you Panelists!
Rikki Rojas
Thank you all!
Gordon Kan
thank you!
Angela Praseuth
Thank you for all the great information!
Hue Lan Huynh
thank you