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Software Engineering Roles: What to Know and How to Get Hired - Shared screen with speaker view
Prabhu Marappan
Prabhu Marappan, Master of Science in Computer Science at Portland State University
Shihang Li
Hi I'm Shihang Li. I recently graduated from the University of Nebraska at Omaha this August with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science.
Olga Kuriatnyk
Hi everyone! I'm Olga, computer science & software engineering major at University of Washington
Hello, I am Shruti Sharma from Cal State East Bay. I am pursuing MS in Computer Science.
Paul Wyer
Paul Wyer. PhD in Geophysics from the University of Oxford (a while back!). Thanks for hosting the session!
Tarek Ramadan
Hello Everyone ! This is Tarek, I am currently doing my Masters degree in CS at Texas State University.
Sripranav Potturu
Hey everyone, I'm Sripranav Potturu. Junior at Purdue University doing BS in Computer Science and BS in Finance. Thanks for the session!
Kate Beckman - RippleMatch
Hi everyone! Thanks again for joining us for the info session Software Engineering Roles: What to Know and How to Get Hired, part of RippleMatch’s Fall Career Week! Just a few housekeeping things about this info session:Today we are joined by four of our employer partners: Esri, Better, DRW, and PEAK6If you have questions for these companies, you can submit your questions through the Q&A box (please use the Q&A box rather than this chat function!). Be sure to address questions for specific companies by company names!Please also check in to this event via this link so your attendance is recorded and we can send you appropriate follow up materials: https://ripplematch.com//checkin?checkin_code=dc650aThanks!
Shruti Sharma
Sorry, I was dropped from webinar due to power issues. Please share the link for check-in
Shruti Sharma
Thanks a lot!
Nick Kelch - Esri
If you do send us a linkedin request, please mention that you attended this session. Thanks for joining!
Paul Wyer
Rebecca Velez
Thank you!
Sripranav Potturu
Thank you all!