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What to Know and How to Get Hired: Non-Technical Roles at Awesome Tech Companies - Shared screen with speaker view
Michelle Jaen
Hi Guys! My name is Michelle Jaen, and I am majoring in Economics-Finance and Liberal Studies at Bentley University in MA!
Arth Patel
My name is Arth Patel. I am a senior student at USC Upstate. Graduating in December 2021
Tamta Deisadze
Hi, my name is Tamta Deisadze. I am pursuing Executive Master's degree in Information Management, Syracuse University.
Matthew Bierman
Hello Everyone! My name is Matthew Bierman and I am a Senior at WP Carey School of Business - Arizona State University, pursuing my BS in Business Data Analytics. Please feel free to connect on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mjbierman/
Keith Douglas
Hello, my name is Keith Douglas. I am a General Business major at Drexel University
Isaac King
Good Afternoon! My name is Isaac King and I am in my final year of my MBA program at University of New Mexico.
Savannah Hess
Hello! My name is Savannah Hess. I'm an English major at Elizabeth City State University
Adjoa Egyen-Davis
Hello everyone, my name is Adjoa Egyen-Davis and a I am third year Cell Biology and Genetics major at the University of Maryland.
Teja Vepuri
Hi Everyone, My name is Teja Vepuri and I recently graduated from Rutgers University with a degree in Business Analytics & Information Technology
D'Angelo Steele
Hello my name is D’Angelo Steele and I attend the University of Iowa (Graduating December 2021). My major is Enterprise Leadership (Business).
Gahyoung (Kylie) Lee
Hi all, my name is Kylie, currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Analytics at Northeastern University.
Carolina Rodriguez (she, her, hers)
Hi everyone. I am Carolina Rodriguez, an experienced professional with 6 years of experience in higher education. Looking to make a transition into campus recruiting!
Shipra Gupta
Hello, I am Shipra Gupta, currently in my last semester of Analytics MBA with prior experience of 6 years as a Data Engineer.
Mohammed Khalid
Hello, I am Mohammed, pursuing a MS in Security Informatics at Baltimore, MD. Happy to connect https://www.linkedin.com/in/cybermohammed/
Judee Channaoui
Hello Everyone, My name is Judee Channaoui and I will be graduating this Spring from Rutgers University with majors in Political science and Criminal Justice and a minor in Middle Eastern Studies!
Mara Jolie Zuckerman
Hi! My name is Mara Zuckerman and I’m a junior at University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business interested in the intersection of technology and marketing/operations
Alexandra Trevino
Hey! Alexandra Trevino, representing the University of Houston, MS in Management 2022!!
Linh Nguyen
Hi, I am Linh Nguyen, second year graduate student in MSBA at Bentley University. I am interested in graduate program for MS students.
Andrew Su
Andrew Su, University of North Georgia, December 2021!
Kori Christensen - Lenovo
Links to review Lenovo's Open early-career Full time and Internship opportunities: [Applications Open Now]https://linktr.ee/Lenovo_LASRhttps://linktr.ee/Lenovocampushiring
Tatiana Messersmith - Qualtrics
More information about Qualtrics entry-level roles here: https://www.qualtrics.com/careers/us/en/Students
Rachel Graham - Lenovo
Apply on jobs.lenovo.com - use the Advanced Search feature to select position type (internship, early career or professional). Make sure you filter by location since we have openings all over the world!
Kate Beckman - RippleMatch
Hi everyone! Thanks so much for joining us for the info session What to Know and How to Get Hired: Non-Technical Roles at Awesome Tech Companies, part of RippleMatch’s Fall Career Week! Just a few housekeeping things about this info session:Today we are joined by four of our employer partners: Qualtrics, Lenovo, Amazon, and Palo Alto NetworksIf you have questions for these companies, you can submit your questions through the Q&A box (please use the Q&A box rather than this chat function!). Be sure to address questions for specific companies by company names!Please also check in to this event via this link so your attendance is recorded and we can send you appropriate follow up materials: https://ripplematch.com//checkin?checkin_code=a0bb65Finally, we have a number of events taking place this week! Explore all available sessions and tune in through this link: bit.ly/career-week-fall-21Thanks!
Kori Christensen - Lenovo
Links to review Lenovo's Open early-career Full time and Internship opportunities: [Applications Open Now]https://linktr.ee/Lenovo_LASRhttps://linktr.ee/Lenovocampushiring
Chloe Fisher- Qualtrics
Learn more about the pillars of Qualtrics company culture and values at: https://www.qualtrics.com/qualtrics-life/tacos-at-qualtrics-a-history-of-culture/
Rachel Graham - Lenovo
Every year Lenovo issues a Diversity and Inclusion report, we're very transparent with where we are as a company! View last year's here: https://news.lenovo.com/smarter-is-for-all-lenovos-2020-diversity-and-inclusion-report/
Perrymon Wright - Palo Alto Networks
The LEAP Program is our two year long new grad program that provides opportunities to help build critical business skills and build a community for new grads to create connections with each other.
Perrymon Wright - Palo Alto Networks
Tatiana Messersmith - Qualtrics
Mary Kynaston - Qualtrics
YES. Put it on your resume. We love numbers!
Kori Christensen - Lenovo
Thank you for having Lenovo! Great to meet you all
D'Angelo Steele
Thank you everyone!