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Career Paths in Engineering: What to Know and How To Set Yourself Apart - Shared screen with speaker view
James Epkins Jr.
Hi everyone my name is James Epkins Jr. I am a Lamar University student majoring in electrical engineering. I am focusing my career in the power industry.
Marat Barnhart
Hello everyone, my name is Marat Barnhart and I am a master's student in Chemical Engineering. I am interested in pharmaceutical, material polymer, and energy business.
yacob benazouz
Hello, my name is Yacob Benazouz and I am a Electrical Engineering student at the University of Washington pursuing a bachelors degree. I am looking to gain experience in power systems.
Kate Beckman - RippleMatch
Hi everyone! Thanks again for joining us for the info session Career Paths in Engineering: What to Know and How To Set Yourself Apart, part of RippleMatch’s Fall Career Week! Just a few housekeeping things about this info session:Today we are joined by four of our employer partners: Schlumberger, Gentex, Armstrong, and Anheuser-BuschIf you have questions for these companies, you can submit your questions through the Q&A box (please use the Q&A box rather than this chat function!). Be sure to address questions for specific companies by company names!Please also check in to this event via this link so your attendance is recorded and we can send you appropriate follow up materials: https://ripplematch.com//checkin?checkin_code=059bfaThanks!